Visiting website or other country specific oopcee websites and signing up for a free or paid service you and the entity you represent do agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. You and the entity you represent shall not transfer, delegate or assign any obligations or rights of this agreement.


    • "Service" - means our products and services, the use of our software on your website/s according to the subscribed plan.
    • "Account" - refers to data we hold about you to process your order and also inform you with regards to any developments.
    • "Script" - refers to our JavaScript deployed inside your pages or through Google Tag Manager and other third party integrations.
    • "Page View" - means a user access to a web page once or several times.
    • "oopcee" - means us the company issuing the invoice to you.
    • "subscription plan" - means our offered pricing plans including the free plan.
    • "you" - we refer to you as person representing an entity like a business or other type of organization


    We are granting you a non-exclusive, non-transferable, revocable, limited and non-sub-licensable licence for you to install oopcee script solely for the use of the “SERVICE” on one or more web pages of your websites. At no time you or allow any third to modify, copy, adapt, translate or create a derivative of our software or documentation. Or try to discover the source code of our software, decompose or reverse engineer our software. You must use our software for internal use only. We reserve the right to terminate the agreement immediately and in certain cases ask for compensation.

  3. 3. SECURITY

    We take administrative, technical and organizational measures to ensure that our systems are at all times secure to protect the data we hold. You are responsible for the security of your account making sure you use strong passwords and devices you log in from are free of any viruses and other malware that are outside of our control. You agree that as soon as you become aware of, you will inform us of any security issues.


    We will bill your company in advance monthly, annually or every two years or according to other pricing plans offered. We only offer our service to businesses and organizations and our services can only be used for business purposes. If you are an individual and like buy our service you need to contact us before with a short description why would our services be required for personal use. Even if our invoices are sometimes issued for you to a person as per credit/debit card details, we will still need business details in your account like company details and VAT number if you are a European company. Also, if you are a European company, the seven days cooling period as per European Distance Selling Directive will not apply to our b2b agreement. According to this directive, only individuals are entitled to a refund within seven days. Regardless of location other businesses, organizations or individuals located outside the European Union will not be entitled to a refund of the fees already paid. Only monthly subscriptions can get cancelled at any time and next calendar month payment will not be required. Partial refunds for unused credit will not be refundable. You will be responsible in your country for any taxes, duties and interest resulting from buying our services or products. We reserve the right to change our prices at any time.


    Within your website privacy policy or terms and condition page, you must disclose that you are using oopcee and allow us to collect data including personal information about your visitor. As a general rule, we are collecting any information that helps improve conversion rates of websites, offer personalization services, and build marketing reports. The data also may be used in a court of law if applicable. We do not collect sensitive information like passwords or credit card details. Some countries require that your website specifies how personally identifiable information is being used when collected and if it becomes too difficult to make an accurate description you may point your users to our website from your privacy policy page for them to understand what we do and also read our legal terms. Also, specify that by visiting your site third parties (oopcee) may place cookies on users’ browsers, use tracking scripts and related technologies for above described purposes.


    You must be fully authorized by the entity you represent and have the legal capacity to perform under this agreement. Our services are suitable mainly for businesses and other organizations and not for personal use. You are responsible for the implementation of our services, and you hereby warrant that you will not use our service to collect personal identifiable information (PII) that will be in breach of an agreement between you and the person you are collecting information from or be against the law in the country you reside or operate. We do not guarantee that the service will be operating at all times, and we reserve the right to run maintenance work and disrupt the service, nor we guarantee that our software will meet your needs, be free of errors or other issues. There may be inaccuracies or incompatibilities. We offer a free period that should be used for testing purposes by yourselves.


    oopcee has no obligation to indemnify your customers or any third party. You will indemnify, hold harmless and defend at your own expense against any claim, demand, suit or proceeding brought against oopcee or against its directors, officers, employees, partners or affiliates and against all related liabilities, settlements, fines, any expenses or costs including legal costs incurred by oopcee, its directors, officers, employees, partners or affiliates arisen from you using our service, breaching the agreement in anyway or not complying with the law in the country you reside or operate. oopcee at its sole discretion may choose to defend against any claims mentioned above and pass the incurred costs to you. Your co-cooperation will be fully required.


    Under no circumstances, including negligence shall we oopcee, licensees or licensors or any of the following entities: distributors, resellers, service providers, suppliers be liable to you or any other entity or person for any direct or indirect, special, exemplary, incidental or consequential damages of any nature whatsoever, including loss of profits that result from (a) the use or inability to use our service, our websites or content, or (b) the actions or conduct of any user of the site or any other person or entity online or offline even if we have been advised of the possibility of such damages. Under no circumstances and in no event shall our total liability to you or any other person or entity for all damages, losses including loss of profits and causes of action or inaction exceed USD 50 provided that at least this amount has been paid according to our subscriptions plans. Under no circumstances and in no event shall we or our partners be held liable for any delay or failure in performance resulting from any causes, including an act of force majeure.


    oopcee takes privacy very seriously and would like you learn how by using our service we will collect and use personal information: Personal identifiable information includes name, address, email, telephone number. If information for someone else is being provided we assume that you have permission to do so. We may also receive personal information from other online of offline sources. We collect these details and store them safely in our database. We collect and use personal information that is essential for our products to function. We provide our clients with information aimed at increasing conversion rates and that includes user behaviour information. Also we use the information to offer personalization services and build marketing reports. We use client information as follows:

    • - to respond to inquires
    • - to provide services and products including updates, sign up and use the account
    • - to send announcements about products and services, order, change of terms, marketing information that may be of interest to you and special offers according to your preferences.
    • - for internal use, understanding user intent and perform data analysis.

    And the information also may be used in a court of law if applicable. For a better understanding how the information is being used please simply continue to surf our website.


    The agreement will terminate according to your subscription plan. You have the right to cancel anytime according to section 4 or by inactivity after a free trial. We also reserve the right to terminate the agreement in the case of agreement terms breaches or other reasons that we reserve the right not to disclose.


    oopcee will decide on the country where the court of law is going to be located in the case of a legal dispute with regards to this agreement.

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