Heat Maps

A heat map offers an overall view on how the web or mobile visitors interact with your website. While an individual session recording captures the mouse movements, clicks and scrolls for each user a heat map will represent a sum of all users’ interactions in a certain period.

  1. Eye-tracking/Attention Heatmaps

    According to recent research, there is a strong correlation between eye tracking and mouse movements (cursor movements). Heat maps help understand what the users were looking for, what content attracted their attention, how they read your website and more.

  2. Clicks/Taps Heatmaps

    A powerful usability testing tool find out where the users click the most like: on buttons, images, links, text or even on non-clickable things. Also very important to observe is how well your call-to-action buttons perform in terms of the share of the clicks received.

  3. Scroll Heatmaps

    Discover how far visitors are scrolling down the page. Are important elements like call-to-action buttons left at the bottom of the page and a large percentage of visitors do not even see them? Learn where on the page to place the call-to-action buttons for maximum exposure.

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