Mouse movements

Move your mouse around to see how all your actions are recorded.

Oopcee is currently recording everything that you are doing on this page! Notice how page performances is not affected at all.

Swipe over or track your mouse over here ...


Mouse clicks

Click wherever you want on the page. For example, the following forms.

When you’re done playing with the page, scroll down to watch your session recording.


Ajax request

Click the button to start an ajax request. The response will be filled in the response box

Press the ajax button and waith for the ajax response.

Response box


Form fields

All data will be recorder when working with forms.

Start typing your text here ...

Or play with these checkboxes ...


Watch the recording

Once You’re Done, Watch your Session Recording.

Scrolling will be recorded, including all other information required for a playback.

Watch your recording now »